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     Shandong Chambroad Sinopoly New Material Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chambroad Sinopoly") is a large modern enterprise specializing in the production of (halogenated) butyl rubber, SBR latex and other products alike.
      Chambroad Sinopoly, formerly Rubber Branch, Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., was established in December 2016. It is a core subsidiary of Chambroad Holding Group in the field of new materials and its product finds application in the production of tires, tire curing bladders, inner tube of tire, medical packaging materials, road maintenance materials, environmentally friendly waterproof materials, new foam materials, etc.

      Chambroad Petrochemicals adheres to the safety and environmental protection concept advocating "safety and life is of utmost importance; environmental protection is the foundation, and those who is unjust is doomed to destruction". In accordance with the method featuring harmlessness, resourceization and value orientation, Chambroad Petrochemicals continues to increase the proportion of high-end products.  ......




Based on the rubber and plastics industry to solve industry pain points
satisfy customer's demand

Car tires

      With excellent airtightness, it is used in tire inner liners and can greatly improve the maintenance rate of tire inflation pressure. Its air permeability is 1/7 of natural rubber

      and 1/5 of styrene butadiene rubber. The redundant and stable air pressure of the tires ensures long-term driving.


Medical rubber stopper

      Butyl rubber is an irreplaceable raw material for pharmaceutical stoppers under the category of antibiotics, which safeguards people’s health.

Road maintenance

     Used for SBR modified emulsified asphalt such as slurry seal, micro-surface, gravel seal and Cape seal to maintain the road surface

     Its modified emulsified asphalt has a wide range of applications, spray application is also available. It can serve as sealing layer, bridge deck waterproof bonding layer, and can also be mixed with graded aggregate.


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