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IIR, generated by the cationic polymerization of isobutylene and isoprene, is mainly used in inner tubes, tire curing bladders, sealing products, butyl coils, etc. The qualification rate of butyl rubber is as high as more than 99%.
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BIIR is a special synthetic rubber with good air tightness and excellent chemical stability. It is mainly used in air tightness of tires to increase the life cycle of radial tires and help the development of eco-friendly tires. At the same time, (halogenated) butyl rubber is an irreplaceable raw material for pharmaceutical stoppers under the category of antibiotics, which safeguards people’s health.
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Butyl Sealant
Butyl sealant uses butyl rubber as the main raw material, along with other additives. Using advanced processing techniques, it is made into a permanently non-curing self-adhesive water-proof sealant, with strong adhesion to the surface of various materials. At the same time, it has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water resistance, rendering functions of sealing, shocking absorption and protection on the adhered surface. Its shelf life is as long as more than 15 years.
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SBRL-62L SBR Latex
The cationic SBR latex, jointly developed with Dalian University of Technology, is a stable emulsion formed by polymerization of butadiene and styrene. It excels in adhesion, stability and liquidity. It is an emulsion polymer specially used for modified emulsified asphalt, which is synthesized by appropriately adjusting the polymerization process according to the characteristics of asphalt. When SBR latex is applied to modify emulsified asphalt, it can reduce the temperature sensitivity of asphalt and has a good elasticity performance. It can increase the low-temperature ductility of asphalt and has better high-temperature performance. It is easy to use and has excellent performance.
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